Man slams wife’s packing list for week-long holiday and says it’s ‘too much’


A mum took to Facebook to ask for advice after her husband criticised how much she was packing for their family-of-six for their week-long holiday, as he believes it’s “too much”

Travelling can be an extremely stressful experience – especially if you have a lot of people to pack for.

When packing for kids, you have to ensure you have essentials to cater for every single eventuality.

What if they fall and cut their knee and they get a bloodstain on their shorts? Or what if they spill ice cream down their top?

One mum has shared what she packs for her family-of-six for a week-long getaway – but her husband thinks she packs too much.

Sharing her weekly holiday packing list on Facebook, the anonymous mum asked for users’ opinions.

She wrote: “Let’s talk holiday packing.

“We are a family of six holidaying in the UK – husband says I pack too much.

“What is ‘acceptable’ per person and are there tricks I am missing?”

The mum then listed every item she’s packing for the trip – and it’s pretty extensive.

Every member of the family will each have seven tops and seven pairs of trousers.

They also get seven pairs of shorts, four jumpers and hoodies, as well as some dresses for the girls to wear.

She then also included five pairs of PJs, 14 pairs of underwear and three swimming costumes.

But what might take up the most room in their suitcase is the number of towels she packed.

Each person gets not one but three different towels – and they all have a different purpose.

One for swimming, one normal towel and one for the beach.

A number of people sided with her husband and thought the mum had gone slightly over the top.

One person wrote: “I’d half the trousers, long tops, hoodies, pjs and shorts.”

Another added: “Why 5 pjs?”

However, one user put: “Better to have too much than not enough.”

This comes as a mum was slammed for putting too much food in her daughter’s packed lunch box.

Tara Clontz regularly shares what she packs for her little girl for lunch on TikTok where she’s known as @tarasfarmtotable.

But recently, she’s been getting some backlash.

In a recent video, she addressed criticism from a fellow user who left the comment: “How old is she? Because to be honest you could be overfeeding her.”