Woman fears she can ‘never go back to Lidl’ after mortifying comment at checkout


A Lidl shopper who made a joke to the cashier at the checkout before realising her blunder shared the story on Facebook, where it racked up hundreds of comments

We all have that one painfully embarrassing memory that makes us physically cringe when our brain decides to replay it on a random Tuesday afternoon.

One Lidl shopper who says she experienced that level of mortifying moment during a recent food shop has now been left fearing she can never return to the supermarket.

When the cashier at the checkout made a joke to the customer in front of her at the till about hosting a party, the woman attempted to join in – before realising the contents of her basket changed the meaning of her playful comment.

In a post to the 1.1 million members of the Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas Facebook group, the shopper wrote: “I don’t think I can ever go back to Lidl again!

“Bloke in front of me had a shed load of booze in his trolley. Friendly cashier asks, ‘having a party sir?’

“Upon my purchase of a mini bottle of Prosecco I pipe up ‘I’m having a party too! Woohoo!’ Then realise I have one other item in my basket.. a cucumber… Friendly cashier looks at me, I look at him, then I , predictably, get a massive laugh attack and can hardly breathe to pay the poor man. RIP my time at Lidl.”

The post racked up thousands of likes and more than 500 comments as some shared their own similar embarrassing shopping stories while others were simply left in hysterics.

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One person replied: “I just read that in a restaurant and now cannot stop laughing. It’s the gift that keeps on giving…”

A second said: “As a cashier, we love customers like you! You’re definitely going to be more than welcome back! So few customers have a wicked sense of humour…”

A third wrote: “That’s so funny at least you have given everyone an unforgettable shopping experience lol.”

And another added: “Enjoy your party!”