Hairdresser shares 10-second trick to work out how much you need trimmed off your ends


A hairdresser has shared a simple trick that will help those with long hair work out exactly how much they need cut off for their locks to remain healthy and to clear up wispy ends

Growing out your hair can be an arduous process and when you finally get to a place where you’re happy with the length, the idea of getting it cut can be devastating.

But in order to keep your locks luscious and in the best condition, it’s worth getting your ends trimmed every once in a while.

And it seems working out how much you need to get taken off the bottom is actually really simple – especially if you’ve got dark hair.

A hairdresser has gone viral on social media after sharing her simple method for working out how much you need cut off, using just a piece of paper.

In a video posted to TikTok, a user named @HannahKellyHair showed off her trim trick.

She said: “Quick tip, somebody with long dark hair and they don’t want a hair cut pop a piece of white paper underneath and you can instantly see how much of the hair needs to come off to create a healthier style.

“Also you can mould it into place to show how much thicker it will be.”

Presumably, the trick would also work for those with lighter hair if they used a darker piece of paper.

More than three million people have viewed the video so far, with it garnering over 213,000 likes.

Hundreds have also taken to the comments to share their thoughts.

One person said: “Such a great tip.”

Another replied: “This is cool.”

A third wrote: “We need to do this next time.”

While another hairdresser added: “We actually bought white gowns/capes just for dark-haired clients.”