Cruel trolls criticise mum’s ‘messy’ house and say she shouldn’t have kids


Amy Jackson has hit back at vile trolls on TikTok who told her she “shouldn’t have kids” if she can’t handle the mess that comes with motherhood

Keeping a house clean and tidy can feel like a never ending task at the best of times, but any parent will tell you it becomes pretty much mission impossible when kids are involved.

That’s why it’s particularly unfair that one mum has been bombarded with cruel comments from trolls who told her she “shouldn’t have kids” if she can’t handle the mess.

Amy Jackson regularly documents hectic mum life on TikTok, going into brutally honest detail of the struggles on keeping on top of childcare for her three beautiful daughters, as well all the daily chores that come with adult life.

She doesn’t shy away from showing piles of dirty washing, racks full on unwashed dishes and toy-covered floors; something which has prompted cruel trolls to make mean comments about the cleanliness of her home or her fitness as a mother.

Sadly, some nasty followers have left comments like, “omg what a messy cow, clean your house,” and “ugh, so disgusting I could not live like that.”

“When I get depressed or if I’m dealing with anxiety, I don’t clean, I don’t cook. The kids eat out. I let myself go,” Amy explained in a clip responding to the trolls.

“So many women put out there ‘I have to clean’, good for you, some of us can’t. Some of us can’t even get out of bed and when we do, it’s a battle. But we can’t talk about it because if we do, we’re judged, looked down on and told ‘you gotta keep going because that’s what REAL women do.'”

She went on to say that often a messy house is a sign she’s having a particularly difficult week mentally, and people should be kind and check everything is okay rather than saying horrible things.

“You should probably stop judging women and mothers on what their house looks like because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter,” she continued. “We’re doing the best that we can and as long as our kids are happy and loved that’s all we can ask for.”

In another clip, Amy documented just how easily small tasks can build up when you’re running a home, and told her followers, “Your worth as a mother (or person) isn’t defined by the cleanliness of your home.”

Amy, you’re doing an amazing job.