Asda shoppers left feeling ‘physically sick’ over controversial gravy pizza


People have been left divided over the release of Asda’s new Southern Fried Chicken pizza, which comes with its very own portion of gravy to go on top

Supermarket chain Asda has sparked a furious row over pizza toppings, following the release of its stone baked Southern Fried Chicken pizza, which sounds delicious, right?

However, the otherwise very ordinary pizza ha been causing a stir over the fact it comes with its very own portion of gravy to pour over the top, and people are divided.

New Foods UK took to Facebook to share the interesting new pizza, and the post has been inundated with comments from horrified Asda shoppers, who branded the pizza ‘an abomination’ and said it left them feeling ‘physically sick.’ Alright guys, calm down.

“Gravy on pizza is just wrong,” one wrote, while another simply wrote: “Look at this actual abomination.”

A third commented: “Looking at this makes me feel physically sick.” Bit dramatic if you ask us.

“Just like the pizzas you get in Italy,” a fourth joked.

But, fortunately, not everyone was turned off by the controversial gravy pizza, and many commented saying they couldn’t wait to give it a go.

It’s fair to say these people are probably northerners, because everyone knows you can stick gravy on anything in the north and it’s wholly acceptable.

“Whatever next?! I can’t wait to try this as soon as my oven’s fixed,” one wrote, while another added: “It’s just like having gravy on KFC, what’s not to love?”

If you fancy making your mind up for yourself, the Southern Fried Chicken and Gravy pizza is available now at Asda.